Best Albums of 2019: Bluetech ‘Liquid Geometries in Dub’

Liquid Geometries in Dub (Liquid Sound Design)

Although he’s best known for his punchy, quirky, dubby ambient pop instrumentals, Bluetech’s original Liquid Geometries album from 2018 was conjured in a beatless universe – all psychedelic drones, ethereal progressions and cosmic arpeggios, generally melodic and occasionally dissonant. These beatless foundations makes it an unusual candidate for remixing by dub and beat-driven electronica producers. And an exciting one, too, because sometimes writing to beat patterns defines the internal dynamics of a piece of music in a way that limits its remix potential by others. 

So Liquid Geometries In Dub, coming to us from Youth’s label Liquid Sound Design, is a rare opportunity for the artists: an almost boundless playground. And it doesn’t disappoint. There’s more variety, more nooks and crannies and intriguing left turns, than most remix albums of its ilk. Outstanding cuts belong to Gaudi, Living Light, Youth, Desert Dwellers, Saafi Brothers, David Last and Bluetech himself.  The album’s quality is obvious, it’s breadth a little harder to grasp, so make sure to give it time. “Dub” is an exotic and many-splendoured thing these days – instrumental reggae it ain’t – but all the production signatures are there in one form or another (delay, reverb, looping echoes) and most of these tracks still embrace perhaps dub’s holiest commandment: make sweet love to the bass.

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