Best Albums of 2019: K. Markov ‘Interactivity’

Interactivity (Exosphere)

Ah, the sequencer, the defining throb of the Berlin school and so much of the psychedelic electronic music that followed in its wake. Tangerine Dream were its Almighty Creators, the first band to ever use the Moog modular system as a standalone bass looper, pushing their primitive machines to their programming limits to achieve the endless pulse over which they were gloriously set free to improvise. I say all this because on the five tracks that comprise Interactivity, the Croatian artist K. Markov shows he understands this school generally and 70’s Tangerine Dream specifically with exceptional clarity. If you love TD’s classics from that period then this is going to blow your mind, because it is so tone-perfect and so finely tuned to those same cosmic spaces that TD were exploring in such a revolutionary fashion. Where he really excels is in the way he builds some of the intros to the inevitable pulsing central sections, going beyond the usual introductory doodling and instead carefully plotting out a dramatic path to the dizzy peaks. Interactivity is more Berlin than the U-Bahn, and it takes you to just as many places.

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