Best Albums of 2019: Joey G ii ‘Hood Canal’

Hood Canal e.p. (Ambient Zone)

Despite the absence of vocals you might describe this brilliant little gem as leftfield pop. Multi-instrumentalist Joey G ii shows a gift for writing surreal songs without words, driven by strong melodies and some kooky, clever chord progressions. It’s also laced with field recordings from the Hood Canal wilderness area in Washington. The Gothic piano arpeggio of “2012” and the bell and xylophone tones on “Project Jellybean” both ride on chord sequences that are not discordant so much as weirdly lovely. The acoustic guitar on “Stillness” has a serene pastoral folksiness, offset by the eerie angular tones from organ and synth that are woven around it. Just five tracks grace Hood Canal, yet there’s so much here. If you like this then also check out his experimental strains of clubby, jazzy techno and house on his own label Orphan Records.

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