Best Albums of 2019: Off Land ‘Field Tangents’

Field Tangents (Txt Recordings)

Prolific Boston-based musician Tim Dwyer aka Off Land has made one of his best albums in Field Tangents. This is a rich, serene and slightly eerie work of beatless, pastoral ambient electronica, highly tonal but never saccharine. The album’s sense of flow is unusually powerful, helped by the mixed CD version but still very apparent on the separated tracks of the download version as well (which gives you the full mixed version as a bonus long track). The narrative sense of shifting landscapes and scenes has a real magic to it, helped discreetly by an array of field recordings taken from mostly natural environments. Thematically, this reminds me Ishq’s psyambient explorations of imaginary landscapes, music for psychonauts and deep inner travels. Put it on repeat.

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