Best Albums of 2019: Various Artists ‘Cosmic Duality’

Cosmic Duality (Synchronos Recordings)

From San Francisco’s Synchronos label comes this fine sampling of the kind of downtempo instrumentals you’ll hear on the better chill stages at psytrance and electronica festivals. New tunes, and good ones, doused in multi-coloured tones, layered and trippy arpeggios and lots of head-nodding grooves. Dub is the cornerstone of most of the music here – notable in the warm basslines, chunky beats and a few reggae-flavoured cuts – though this is the eclectic and exotic dub of the 21st century ala Shpongle, not minimalist fare for purists. Among established scene names like Labs Cloud, Easily Embarrassed, Globular and label founder Chlorophil is some impressive work from newcomers including Sacred Seeds’ “Flash of Green”, an almost beatless progression with a circular bell-like melody that’s ravishingly beautiful. Cosmic Duality is a high quality comp that captures the spirit of the best the scene has given us over the years via labels like Spiritzone, Liquid Sound Design and Beyond/Waveform.

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