An idea for Ambient Music Guide’s 20th anniversary

Ambient Music Guide is 20 years old this year. I’m glad to still be here, doing this thing that I do. But how to mark the occasion?

When I was working in the ad business as a creative, probably the most valuable lesson I learnt was to throw out your first ideas because it’s likely you can think of better ones.

And so it is in life. The laziest things for me to at this point would be vane gestures like:

  • rambling on about my magical journey
  • soliciting flattering testimony from pals, fans and industry peeps
  • releasing a series of mixes and lists with titles like Mike G presents The Absolute Definitive Greatest Ever Ambient Tracks Of All Time No Really They Are Because I Say So.

Which is why I trashed all these notions pretty much straight away.

Instead, I kept thinking about what else I could do. I’ve settled on an idea which I not only hope you’ll like, but directly participate in, because AMG has always been about discovery. And I know that you, my readers and listeners, have done some serious discovering over the past two decades, and I’d like to give you a platform to share a bit of that with the world.

Coming soon, via a simple webform, I’ll be asking you to share the name of one album or EP discovery you’ve made in the past 20 years thanks to Ambient Music Guide – via a review, a mix, social post or whatever – and include a brief comment or story about the release. From this raw information I’ll write an article, maybe add some commentary of my own, and presto, we have our 20th anniversary feature.

I guess you could call it, um, ‘user-generated content’.

Soon I’ll post a request for submissions on AMG social channels, the newsletter and here on this blog feed.

But don’t give me your contribution now. Just have a think about what album or EP you would nominate. One that’s special to you. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it was AMG that led you to its door.

Thanks for reading – and for sticking around. 🙂

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