10 sci-fi movies with trippy ambient soundtracks

from Omni Magazine:

Science fiction films and ambient music are natural partners. Mike G of Ambient Music Guide rounds up 10 mind-blowing original scores.

My own concept of ambient music has always been a broad one. It touches nearly every genre, yet makes its home in none of them. It revels in ideas and mystery. It's often been the product of cutting-edge technology, yet many of its best moments are deeply human ones. The parallels with science fiction are not hard to find.

From gentle classical minimalism and dreamy post-rock to ghostly drones and abstract electronica, the other-worldly marriage of ambient and sci-fi has produced some of the genre's most powerful onscreen moments, as well as some fine soundtrack albums in their own right.

Get comfy and take a trip with these ten original sci-fi film scores.

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