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Uh oh. Influencer alert!

Maybe it had to happen sooner or later. I’ve started getting approaches from marketing agencies asking me to become – I retch at even saying this word – an influencer. Translation: a sell-out. Further translation: taking money or free product in return for doing advertising disguised as personal reviews, recommendations, playlists or whatever. As I […]

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REVIEW: Bluetech’s ‘Liquid Geometries In Dub’

Although he’s best known for his punchy, quirky, dubby ambient pop instrumentals, Bluetech’s original Liquid Geometries album from 2018 was conjured in a beatless universe – all psychedelic drones, ethereal progressions and cosmic arpeggios, generally melodic and occasionally dissonant. It’s beatless foundations makes it an unusual candidate for remixing by dub and beat-driven electronica producers. […]

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