INTERVIEW: Tom Middleton goes deep ambient for a cause (April 2018)

DJ, composer, producer and now sleep science coach Tom Middleton is on a mission to help you sleep better.

AMG blog: What's that you're playing? April 2018

What I’m loving right now in ambient, downtempo and genres we don’t even have names for yet.

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Essential albums spotlight: Pjusk

Norwegian duo Pjusk has a gift for drawing two opposites - pure noise and pure music - into the same space and making it sound original, accessible and human.

REVIEWED: Ambient Music Guide's Best Albums of 2017

Discover something extraordinary - 40-plus ambient, downtempo and atmospheric albums and ep's reviewed.

Mix archive: Future Noir vol. 1-4

From Vangelis to Woob to Kenji Kawai, dark melodies from a dystopian future you can almost love.

Mike G interviewed by Australian Musician Magazine

Australian Musician Magazine interviewed me about Ambient Music Guide's evolution and the ever-expanding ambient universe.

LISTEN: AMG's Best Albums of 2017 - Mixes #1 & #2

Over 5 hours of music touching every base from spacemusic to techno.

A short history of ambient & downtempo

From furniture music to classical minimalism to electronica and beyond.