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What's that you're playing? Sept 2018 reviews

Reviews of new albums Gold Lounge, Sankt Otten, Lingua Lustra, Ambidextrous, Green Kingdom, Stephanie Sante & more.

INTERVIEW: Tom Middleton goes deep ambient for a cause (April 2018)

DJ, composer, producer and now sleep science coach Tom Middleton is on a mission to help you sleep better.

New mix Oct 2018: Tranquility Drones volume 1

Harmonic drones and dreamy progressions - new music by Banco de Gaia, David Parsons, Sync24, Pool of Light & more.

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Mike G interviewed by Australian Musician Magazine

Australian Musician Magazine interviewed me about Ambient Music Guide's evolution and the ever-expanding ambient universe.

Essential albums spotlight: Popul Vuh

A changeable line-up led by mystic and keyboard player Florian Fricke (1944-2001), Krautrock icons Popol Vuh were one of the great innovators of world music & exotic ambient.

NEW MIX: Cosmic Tech - New Ambient 2018 vol 6

New & recent sounds by Future Sound Of London, Jeff Mills, Woob, Hiroshi Watanabe, One Arc Degree, Shunkan Idou & more.

A short history of ambient & downtempo

From furniture music to classical minimalism to electronica and beyond.